Rebekah’s Senior Pictures

Rebekah’s Senior Pictures

Here are the results of some exciting and fun photo sessions with Rebekah, a senior from Las Cruces High.

Our first session yielded some colorful and spontaneous shots in the vicinity of the local handball courts. As the evening began cooling down, Rebekah’s energy went through the roof, and it really showed in her shots.

For the second shoot, Rebekah was looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Her mom made some calls; lo and behold, I was shooting Rebekah with a ’55 Chevy pickup in front of the historic Rio Grande Theatre in downtown Las Cruces. Of all the props I’ve shot with, I have to admit this was the coolest! I’m still in awe of how cool the experience was. Much thanks to the truck’s owners, Mr. & Mrs. Sammy Torres, for their patience and help with the shoot!

I’m lucky enough to have established a working relationship with many of the high school activities in the Las Cruces School District (especially volleyball, basketball, dance, and poms), so it’s cool to capture images of the kids over the course of several years doing the things they like. I had some fun tracking down Rebekah’s pom portraits from back in the day, I hope you enjoy them!


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